Powering State-Based Health Insurance Marketplaces

Helping consumers shop for health plans that include their preferred health care provider, GetInsured leverages Vericred data to deliver exceptional consumer experiences across state markets.

Why Ideon?

In this Q&A, Archana Dekate, GetInsured’s Director of Product Management, shares how Ideon’s provider-network data has helped GetInsured enhance the consumer shopping experience on several state-based health insurance marketplaces.

Challenges that Ideon has helped GetInsured overcome include:

- Labor-intensive process of acquiring, formatting, and testing provider-network data directly from carriers

- Inconsistent formats and implementation procedures from each carrier or vendor require code modifications every time

-Long implementation process for new states


About Ideon

Ideon is the way health insurance carriers and employee benefits providers connect with new technology partners to deliver seamless consumer experiences at every stage of the member journey. We are not the websites or apps you use to choose a plan or find a doctor. We are the infrastructure, the ‘pipes,’ that simplify the complex exchange of quoting, enrollment, and eligibility data between carriers and the technology partners so that they can, in turn, deliver health and employee benefits to hundreds of millions of Americans everyday. Our APIs transmit billions of data points between InsurTech and insurance carriers, powering an amazing benefits experience for all. Faster. Better. Awesomely. To learn more, please visit: www.ideonapi.com

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